Wood Window Blinds

It’s no surprise window blinds comprise nearly half of all window coverings currently installed in homes.

It’s also no surprise that white remains the bestselling color. It may surprise some dealers, however, to know one of the hottest trends in window blind styles is in wood and faux wood blinds.

While the style has become increasingly appealing to homeowners in the past several years, many home centers seem not to have noticed. They should. Retailers who’ve been successful with them say they offer many benefits over standard plastic or aluminum blinds.

The faux wood blinds last longer than standard blinds, they’re more stylish and easier to buy because they look good in most rooms without having to be color-matched to the rest of the room. In addition, they’re higher-priced, higher-margin items that appeal to upscale consumers.

Wood blinds are more of an investment for consumers than aluminum and PVC window blinds. Customers are investing in them like a furniture purchase. Sometimes, wood blinds can be financed with the house, the same way you can with shutters.

It’s that shutter look, in part, that’s fueling some of the growth in wood blinds. The wider the slats get on window blinds, the more they look like shutters. The more they look like shutters, the more they remind consumers of their parents’ homes.

People are going back to things that remind them of the past. Our parents didn’t have any other options but wood shutters. Wood blinds have that southern charm and feel that works with nature. It’s bringing the feeling of the environment back to the house, a warmth (over windows) that shutters are too heavy for.

In addition, wood blinds provide an airy, open look to homes. As sunlight brightens rooms, wood blinds help create a pleasant living space.

Customers appreciate the quality look of wood blinds. Wood blinds don’t look as inexpensive as the standard blinds you can pick up at any discount store. Wood blinds look nicer.

For those who want that look without the cost, imitation wood blinds are the answer. Some consumers like the fact that they offer the look of wood without using natural resources.

Imitation wood blinds have other advantages in certain applications. You can’t put real wood blinds in the kitchen, because a lot of water and humidity can make them warp.

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