Turn to a professional when it comes to bathtub repair

Q: We moved into an older home that has a badly stained bathtub. Is there any do-it-yourself method of refinishing an older porcelain fixture such as this?

A: Refinishing bath fixtures is a difficult do-it-yourself project. They can be painted, but not with ordinary paint.

Choose one of the newer epoxy or polyurethane paints. These are plastic coating systems. The most durable of these paints come in two-part systems that react chemically when combined to form an exceptionally strong bond and durable, water-resistant finish.

But these paints are difficult to work with and apply. Follow manufacturer’s directions carefully, including the preparation of the surface to be painted.

Although painting can be successful, a better method is to have a synthetic porcelain glaze applied. This is not a do-it-yourself process. A professional should apply the new finish.

These new coatings are available in several colors, and custom colors can be mixed. Check with companies that specialize in repairing and refinishing: bath liners Chester County.

Another method of refurbishing unsightly bathtubs is to have a new bathtub liner installed over the older fixture.

When contracting with a company for refinishing or installation of a liner, it is best to check several suppliers to obtain price estimates and information guarantees.

Q: I bought a home in May 1993. It was renovated by the previous owner, including the painting of clothes racks in the closet. My problem is that the hangers scrape the paint when I slide them.

A: Waxing the rods will help. Or, rub paraffin on the rod to provide a protective coating. Either the wax or the paraffin will lessen the friction as the hangers glide over the rod. For more durability, add varnish over the paint and then wax.

Q: We have acrylic plastic “windows” that we roll down from the patio roof to protect the area from wind. With wear, they have become cloudy, dull and unattractive. I have wiped them down with various window cleaners. They still remain cloudy. Do you have any suggestions on how these might be cleaned?

A: Try applying a furniture polish with a soft, lint-free cloth. Harsher fabrics, even paper towels, will tend to scratch the plastic.

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