Tips for spring cleaning

If you want to hire someone to clean your home: Find out if the person or business is insured in case something is broken. Before the cleaning, discuss what services will be provided. It’s not a bad idea to put that in writing. Get an estimate. Many services will provide one free. Determine who will provide supplies. Some services bring their own supplies but many independent cleaners don’t. If you want certain supplies to be used because you’re allergic to a certain chemical or for environmental safety, for instance say so. You may have to provide them. As for straightening up the place before the maid gets there, most people do. Some don’t. Either way is all right, although one person pointed out workers can do more cleaning if they don’t have to take time to put away toys, newspapers and such. For further please visit website you want to do your own post-winter cleaning, here are some things to look for: Cinders, sand and gravel have probably found their way into your carpet.

Check for cobwebs on celing fans and in corners. Dust from fireplaces and wood stoves. Filthy windows. You can use a squeegee to cut down the cleaning time. Dust balls under furniture. And here are a few recommendations from cleaning expert Don Aslett, author of “Is There Life After Housework?”. Good floor mats placed at each exterior door will catch about 80 percent of the dirt that comes into the house. Clean as you go. “Forty percent of all housework is clearing out unused things. Next year, don’t save all the year’s mess for a spring cleaning blowout. Keep clutter from accumulating by getting rid of it as it appears.” Empty your vacuum cleaner’s lint bag frequently. A half-full lint bag can increase time and energy spent by up to 50 percent. Use the right tool for the job. Use absorbent materials, such as paper towels and sponges, for spills, rather than rags.

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