There’s easy way to make a move

Moving by the numbers: 43-million Americans move each year. 21-million Americans move between May and September. 10.8-million American children under 18 move each year. 12 Average number of times people move, or about once every seven years. 17% – Percentage of U.S. population who move each year. 45% – are corporate relocations. 45% – are personal moves 10% – are military or government relocations. 6,900 lbs. – Average size of an interstate shipment, the equivalent of six full rooms with appliances.

Before you leave the old home, give the kids an address book to record friends’ names and addresses.

Let the kids take pictures of their old bedrooms. They can use them to set up their new rooms the same way, or just to remember.

Let the kids pack a small suitcase or backpack with toys or games to keep with them.

Kid-proof the new home as soon as you arrive. Put plugs in the sockets, gates across the stairs. Check bedroom and bathroom doors to make sure they don’t lock automatically with a child inside.

Bring the child’s permanent school records with you. Don’t forget

Telephone books for the city you’re leaving.

Your dry cleaning.

The items at the repair shop.

The contents of your safe deposit box.

The address of your new home. You must remember this

The garage door opener. Leave it for the new owners.

When AZ Movers van pulls up at the house across the street, here is some information to offer your new neighbor:

Names and addresses of a couple of nearby modestly priced restaurants, including a pizza place that delivers.

Location of the nearest video rental store, yogurt shop, hardware store, home center (Home Depot, Scotty’s, Builder’s Square) and discount store (Target, Wal-Mart).

Name and number of your plumber and electrician.

Location and phone number of the nearest hospital emergency room.

Trash pickup days.

Where to recycle.

You leave the house and immediately get the uncomfortable feeling that you’ve forgotten something. Perhaps you left the television on or, worse, something cooking on the stove.

Now imagine how you would feel if you were leaving your house for good – moving out of town – and had those worries.

That empty feeling is so common that Mayflower Transit has compiled a list of the most forgotten items in a move. As we approach the summer, traditionally dubbed the “moving season,” it should act as a helpful reminder, if you don’t lose it:

Don’t forget your medical records. Obtain copies of them, including dentist, veterinarian and vaccine/immunization information. If you have kids, you know you’ll need this. Remember, no health records, no school.

Make sure to get official copies of your child’s school records. You may need records with the school’s raised seal.

Pack the phone books from your old town. They can save you money on on directory assistance charges back home.

Don’t forget to complete transactions with local businesses, such as dry cleaning. I love this suggestion. It’s frustrating enough to forget to pick up a suit at the cleaners minutes away. Now think how you’d feel if the cleaners were 500 miles away.

Remember to get important documents from the safe deposit box. It also is a good idea to establish a checking account in your new town about a month prior to your move.

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