Stencil over glass

Soften your Crew of the world with a simple stenciled design that is sprayed directly on a window. With a little white latex spray paint, you’ll have the look of etched glass at a fraction of the cost. The stencil gives you a bit more privacy, but still lets in the light.

Choose a precut stencil pattern that fits your window, or cut apart a stencil and reconfigure it to fit. You can also design and cut your own from Mylar plastic, found at crafts stores. Select a simple motif from your wallpaper, and trace and cut it from the plastic. If the stencil will run both vertically and horizontally, make sure the design works in both directions.

First, trim sides of plastic, if needed, so it fits within the window’s frame. Work out the design so it is centered on the window. Mark the beginning and ending points of each placement with tape. You may have to adjust spacing between repeats or use only a partial design at the ends.

Spray the underside of stencil with stencil adhesive. Press to inside of window. Tape edges with painter’s tape to catch straying paint. Spray latex paint over stencil using long, even strokes. Several light passes give a more even coat and avoid runs and drips. Let dry slightly, reposition stencil and repeat the process. When dry, clean up shaggy spots with a razor blade.

Your painted stencil will last several months if protected from scratches. To remove or change design, scrape away paint with a razor blade.

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