Sew-simple pillows

Sew a pretty pocket pillow in no time using three cloth napkins and prebasted ruffling ribbon.

For this project, you’ll need three coordinating naplans, a pillow form with sides 4 inches shorter than the napkins, fabric ribbon with gathering cords (enough to edge one napkin on all sides), and a button or other trim.

Cut one napkin in half diagonally to form the flap. Lay that triangular flap over another napkin, adjusting its position until the widths align. Trim the leftover strip so the flap’s top edge is even with the napkin’s. Sew the flap to the napkin, right sides together. This is the pillow back.

Narrowly hem one end of the ribbon, sewing over the gathering threads to anchor them. Pin the ribbon to the underside of the flap’s upper edge, gathering to fit by pulling the threads’ free ends. Turn under and narrowly hem the other end. Sew ribbon in place. Make a buttonhole in the point of the flap.

Lay the remaining napkin over the pillow back, wrong sides together. Topstitch around the side and bottom edges 2 inches in from the hems. Slip the pillow form into the pocket of the cover. Fold the flap over the opening and mark the placement of the button. Sew the button in place. For fun and to mimic the design in the ribbon, we used a small bunch of plastic fruit rather than a button

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