Security Tapes

Manufacturers, specifiers and installers of windows and conservatories could benefit from the product innovation and high level of technical expertise available on the stand.

Double Sided Foam Security Tape is launching a double sided PVCu foam security tape used for securing insulated glass units into PVCu or aluminum window frames.

Developed with leading window manufacturers, the tape provides excellent adhesion and offers increased security against burglary.

Security Tape offers improved security performance because it has the adhesive applied directly to the foam during manufacture. This makes it extremely difficult to remove the glass unit once it has been positioned.

Almost as quick and easy to apply as a wedge gasket, the double sided tape is a cost effective alternative to conventional methods of glass installation.

It was also introduced a new anti-dust tape to seal multi- wall polycarbonate sheets in conservatory roofs. Anti-dust tape eliminates the possibility of dust particles and insects collecting in the otherwise hollow structure.

Constructed with slots down the centre of the tape and covered by a non-woven filter membrane, the tape allows moisture to pass through the structure but helps prevent algae forming.

The filter membrane has a pore size no larger than 45 microns and tiny welded reinforcements in the mesh prevent the pores opening up if the tape is stretched during application.

Originally introduced five years ago, the system has proved very successful and is now considered a standard part of any multi-wall polycarbonate roof construction.

The tape is used in conjunction with a non-perforated blanking tape along the top edge of the sheet providing a complete and effective sealing system.

Manufactured from a plastic material, it contracts and expands with the polycarbonate sheets. This in-turn minimizes stress on the bond promoting the life of the product up to 20 years.

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