Ribbon lampshade

A basic lamp goes one shade better with the help of sponge-painting and wire ribbon. A self-adhesive shade and wire-edge ribbon are the keys to this easy project. Paper shades work best since fabric may fray at the cut lines. Choose ribbon that’s in proportion to the lampshade. We used 1-inch-wide ribbon for a shade that’s 9 inches tall. A 1-to-9 ratio is a good guideline.

Materials: self-adhesive shades (available at fabric and crafts stores) or paper shades, which will allow paint to adhere; rice paper to fit the adhesive shade; tacky crafts glue; wire-edge ribbon to fit the bottom of the shade plus 1 yard; acrylic paints to match the ribbon; natural sea sponge (available at crafts and paint stores); paper clips; crafts knife.

Instructions: Following the manufacturer’s directions for the adhesive shade, cut the rice paper to fit the lampshade pattern, then apply it to the lampshade. Sponge-paint the shade with one or more colors. Make sure the painting is even by turning the lamp on. However, do not work with lamp plugged in or turned on.

Measure the circumference of the bottom of the shade and find the halfway point opposite the back seam. Divide the space between the seam and halfway point into increments spaced 2 to 3 inches apart. Mark these increments with paper clips. Measure the width of your ribbon. At the point opposite the back seam and 1 inch up from the bottom edge, cut a vertical slit that measures 1/8 inch longer than the width of the ribbon. Cut parallel slits 1/4 inch from either side of the first slit. Continue around the shade, cutting two vertical slits at each paper clip.

Starting at the set of three slits, push the ribbon into the center slit, back out the next slit, and continue weaving it around the shade. Pull the end back out of the original slit. Tie the two ends in a bow and trim.

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