Reversible decorating

It doesn’t take a year’s budget to refresh your home with the changing seasons. Reversible designs in coordinated fabrics provide at least two distinct looks-at one basic price.

With one side covered in a warm hue (peach) and the other dressed in a cool color (green), decorative elements such as draperies, throw pillows, and chair cushions can be turned on their flip side for a new look that matches, or is opposite, the climate outdoors.

Find compatible colors and coordinated or same-print patterns for decorating elements that can be easily reversed. It’s your choice: Display a cooler or warmer palette on chair cushions, throw pillows, curtains, and table dressings. Limit the trims and cordings, which are visible on both sides, to a neutral tone.

Select warm and cool colors of the same intensity (brightness or dullness, depending upon the amount of gray in the hue), like the peach and green used here. An intense orange on the flip side of the subtle sage would not have worked, nor would a brilliant kelly green with pale peach.

Build a foundation for seasonal change by starting with a neutral wall color. Play off a common color, which is found in both seasonal fabrics, or choose a neutral color (such as this tawny background, white, or gray) that will work with both a cool and warm color scheme for the walls, floors, and other areas that are not so easily changed.

As a bridge between two seasons’ color schemes, introduce one fabric, such as the plaid on the front of the chair cushion, that coordinates with both palettes.

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