Reston Realtors show homes on the Internet

Today, you can search virtually houses for sale in Reston over the Internet for free. On your home computer you can get a lot more information than you ever could before.

Now, the real estate industry views the Internet as simply another way to advertise properties and reach potential buyers. The real estate industry is changing right now. Consumers can do a lot of their own legwork before they hire the professional to assist them in that process.

Most of the Internet sites allow users to search for properties by city, price range and basic features, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Some allow you to search for homes on a certain street, allowing you to focus on a specific neighborhood. Many include photos of the property, and a few are starting to offer video walk-through tours that you can view. Some offer access to maps that show the location of the property, and calculators that will estimate your monthly mortgage payment.

Potential buyers from all over the world can browse through details of Reston homes for sale. The site also includes a personal finance link with a mortgage calculator and local bank interest rates.

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