Rainwater Catchment Systems

Rainwater Catchment systems collect and store rain water for future use. Summer is the right season to install necessary pipelines and build a tank that would help storing the rainwater for few months. The empty tank can be later on used for storing water sourced by other means.

To build a Rainwater Catchment structure, one should ideally have glazed tile chips laid on the roof floor, rather than a cemented floor. The water discharge outlets which are given at different places on the roof can be connected by a network of pipes to the storage tank, in the ground.

Some of the practitioners give slope to the roof-floor so that water gets accumulated easily towards the flow side, saving water from being accumulated. In order to tap clean water, first few showers of rain and storms should be avoided, as such water might carry contaminants.

However, there are a number of precautions that one should take before collecting rainwater. All the exposed surfaces, from where the water is collected should be thoroughly cleaned. Screens or filters should be fixed in the drainage pipes on terrace to filter out large particles.

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