Quick, easy ways to clean carpets

Some handy tips on how to deal with common household problems with your carpets: Red Wine Spills

Treat a red wine spill with ordinary shaving cream from an aerosol can. Then, sponge off the area with cold water.

Or cover the area of the stain with a liberal amount of salt or baking soda. Leave until the stain is completely absorbed, then vacuum.

Or remove the stain with club soda.

Or remove the stain with white wine.

Slipping. Skidding carpets can be stopped in their tracks by applying nonskid bathroom appliques to the bottoms. Alternatively, place a few strips of double-faced carpet tape under the corners, or sew or glue rubber jar rings on to the bottom, click for carpet.

Fraying. To repair a rug with frayed edges, snip off the loose threads and dab some transparent glue along the entire edge. When the glue dries, it won’t be noticeable.

Burn marks. Shave off some carpet fuzz and roll into the shape of the burn. Apply clear glue to the area of the burn and then press on the fuzz ”patch.” Cover the area with a piece of clean tissue and place a heavy book on top. This will cause the glue to dry slowly and you’ll get the best results.

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