People want memories transferred to DVD

Preserving cherished memories by transferring 8mm or 16mm home movies, slides or photographs to DVD is becoming increasingly popular.

“People tell us they want the transfers done because they want to keep a record of memories of special occasions, their children and grandchildren. Plus, they also like the ease of viewing on a computer as opposed to setting up the projector and screen and watching several small reels of tape,” said Joe Ear, owner of Inverness Photography & Custom Framing in the Citrus Center in Inverness.

Inverness Photography also offers custom enhancements to its customers, which can be transferred onto the DVD.

“We recently did a transfer for a family who wanted a Christmas in July theme, so we had snow and Christmas music added to the background to enhance the DVD,” he said.

The process by which the reel tapes, slides or photos are transferred to DVD can take several hours to complete.

The waiting period for a transfer is from two to elleven days, depending on the volume of work.

An increase of customers wanting the service has spurred growth in the number of local businesses offering the service.

We have a lot of parents coming in who want to give their children a video of childhood memories for a gift.

People do not mind paying the price because in some instances the slides are starting to mildew and ruin, and they don’t like the inconvenience of dragging out all of the equipment to watch their memories on a slide projector.

Another business involved in video transfers, Video Conversion Experts, offers film transfer, slide scanning, video transfers, photos to its customers. Other special enhancements also are available.

When people find out about transfers, they don’t hesitate to have it done. They are very interested in preserving the family heritage and this is one way to do it.

Video Conversion Experts charges from 10 cents per foot to convert 8mm to DVD and from 39 cents each to transfer photos and slides to DVD.

Although there is a cost, which is reasonable, to have the transfers done, people don’t mind because their memories can’t be replaced.

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