Office plants

Pot plants in the workplace can keep stress in check and boost productivity.

While indoor pot plants are generally introduced into an office to soften a sterile environment, there is plenty of evidence to suggest the improvements they bring are more than just aesthetic.

No longer regarded as mere decorations, office plants can improve physical and mental well-being among workers. High levels of stress in the office lead to decreased productivity, absenteeism and high staff turnover factors that will affect a business’s bottom line.

According to a study by a number of American universities, however, having plants in a working environment results in lower levels of stress and higher productivity.

In one study, Dr Roger Ulrich of Texas University found that college students exhibited less stress, fear and anger when sitting an exam in a room with plants in full view.

In another study, Ulrich observed a number of patients recovering from gall-bladder surgery and found that those who recovered in a room that overlooked the hospital’s garden recovered faster and required less medication than those whose bed did not have a view of the garden. So spending money on office plants and Office Plant Maintenance can actually help reduce costs and improve productivity.

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