New products that are easy on the eyes and the environment

Green-minded manufacturer Syndesis is mixing things up with Syndecrete, a natural surfacing material that weighs half as much as standard concrete, but is twice as strong and much more resistant to chipping and cracking. The cement-based, precast material incorporates 41% recycled or recovered materials from industry and post-consumer waste, along with Fly ash (a residue from electric power plants) and polypropylene fiber. Suitable for both interior and exterior use, Syndecrete is available in 11 standard colors and more than 500 custom colors, and contains aggregates such as recycled metal shavings, plastic regrinds, glass chips, and scrap wood  for varying color and texture.

Fresh from the flower garden? You’d probably never guess it, but Dakota Burl Composite, manufactured by Phenix Biocomposites, is made of sunflowers–specifically, a highly engineered, patented blend of agricultural fiber: 85% sunflower hull mixed with 15% resins. No off-gassing solvents are added during manufacturing. Dakota, which resembles authentic burled wood, may be milled, drilled, routed, sanded, and finished; it’s suitable for any interior where the appearance and flexibility of wood are needed. The material, available in 36″ x 72″ sheets in thicknesses of 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″, comes in natural finish¬† and can be stained or coated.

The new Sabi floor tiles from Interface were named in honor of wabi sabi, the Japanese concept of beauty through imperfection. Manufactured from post-industrial and post-consumer waste, and durable enough for even highly trafficked areas, Sabi is made of 100% recycled content face-fiber on GlasBac, a 100% recycled vinyl backing. The simple, minimal, and delicately textured 19 7/10″ square tiles are available in 12 muted neutral colorways: peace (medium brown), tea ceremony (light brown), tatami mat (medium beige), inspiration (light beige), tranquility (dark gray-blue), simplicity (medium gray-blue), poetry (black), minimalism (light gray), nature (medium green), seasons (light green), patience (medium blue), and one-of-a-kind (medium beige).

Silk Dynasty began with owner Charles Falls’s visit to China’s imperial palaces, where he was inspired by faded and worn silk scrolls, their beauty enhanced by the passage of time. The company’s latest introduction, Mayan Textures by Docey Lewis Designs, is a collection of wallcoverings manufactured in the Philippines. Woven of abaca and cotton, this natural material, reminiscent of Asian grasscloth, is available in 36″-wide, 25-yard bolts (5-yard minimum order) and 16 color/pattern variations.

Dodge-Regupol offers substance with natural style: Dodge Cork Tiles, installed in venues ranging from The Whiskey Bar in New York to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. The tiles are made from 100% natural granulated cork particles, derived from the renewable bark of a cork oak tree found primarily in Portugal, Spain, and North Africa. Durable and resilient, Dodge Cork offers excellent shock absorption and acoustic and thermal insulation, and is ideal for walls, floors, and ceilings in residential and corporate interiors. The 12″-square tiles come in thicknesses of 3/16″ and 5/16″; colors are natural, light, medium, and dark, available in a choice of three finishes. (Note: because cork is a natural wood product, shade variation will occur.)

Innovations introduces Organics, wallcovering made of 100% organic materials on cellulose paper backing. Organics is available in 10 variations: adzuki bean, cork, diatomite-lite, diatomite-medium, clay & mugwort-lite, clay & mugwort-dark, clay & wood sawdust, clay & charcoal, coffee, and green tea. Widths vary from 37″ to 42″, depending on finish. Because the product contains no heavy metals or PVC, there’s no off-gassing to worry about. It’s also completely biodegradable–and even has built-in aromatherapy benefits!

Dodge-Regupol introduces Ecosurfaces, a new rubber floor collection comprising six new products. One is Econights, a single-ply, non-laminated surfacing material made from recycled tire rubber and post-industrial waste. Suitable for retail, institutional, industrial, and corporate interiors, Econights is highly durable, slip- and stain-resistant, and low in VOC emissions. The product is available in 20 color combinations, as 18″- and 36″-square tiles with a thickness of 4 or 6mm, and as 4′-wide rolls with a thickness of 4mm, 6mm, or 9mm.

From Studio eg, a design and development firm committed to using recycled, reused, and non-toxic materials, comes the Ecowork Reception Desk. Par of the studio’s Ecowork Line, the desk is made of 98% recycled materials. Its work surface is 1 1/8″ greenboard (made from agricultural or certified lumber waste), and is available in 8 colorways — natural, taupe, ochre, evergreen, crimson, zin, stormcloud, and charcoal. The desk’s modesty panel and shield are recycled brushed aluminum. Its legs, of 3/8″-think spun craft paper made from recycled cardboard, come in red, black, yellow, or natural, with a nontoxic moisture-resistant coating. Leg boots are of recycled rubber from shredded tires; casters are also available. The desk is 29 1/4″ H, with lengths from 6′ to 10′.

A fabric that contains no chemical finishes and is completely compostable? Produced with a patented Climatex Lifecycle process developed by architect William McDonough and chemist Michael Braungart for Design Tex, these textiles are made of 76% wool, incorporated for its natural elasticity, and 24% ramie, a compound natural fiber.

Carnegie Fabrics harnesses Climatex Lifecycle technology to make Nooks and Crannies, a natural stretch upholstery (the company also recycles waste selvages and trimmings for felt to be used as upholstery interlining). Ideal for office upholstery, Nooks and Crannies is 53″ wide and comes in 8 colorways, including honey, ambrosia, jam, marmalade, jelly, fruit preserves, chutney, and apple butter.

Designtex is using the Climatex Lifecycle process to produce Moss, from the new William McDonough III Collection. A durable but surprisingly delicate-looking sateen with a soft drape and silky texture–suitable for window treatments or upholstery in residential and contract projects–Moss measures 55″ wide and comes in 16 colorways, including Alpine.

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