New Home Buyers Likely To Remodel

When today’s home buyers settle into their houses, they are bringing more than just furniture – they are bringing blueprints for new home additions and alterations.

According to a consumer survey by Professional Builder magazine, 58 percent of tract home buyers expect to be able to build new additions to their just-purchased homes, while 51 percent expect to be able to add or alter doors and atrium windows.

“Most people know what they want in a home, such as a bay window in the kitchen. When they find that almost-perfect house, many people are choosing to remodel it into their dream home,” said Randy Iles, senior vice president of marketing and sales at Pella Corporation. “Remodeling projects like these are a lot easier if you have the advice of an experienced professional and know where to look for home improvement products.”

When selecting materials for a remodeling job, home remodelers should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each supplier, according to Iles. “Take your business where you’re comfortable with the sales team’s knowledge, where the product quality is superior, and where the product is backed with professional customer service and an excellent atrium windows warranty,” Iles said.

You can do atrium windows review and a visual inspection of your roof, concentrating especially on the area near the eavestroughs and the peaks. You are looking for a couple of things: If your house is new, check for missing shingles that may have been loosened by winds and also see if ice is building up just above your eavestroughs. This may be a sign they are blocked. If you have large trees beside your house check to see if the branches are hitting the roof.

The windows used in most new homes are far superior in energy efficiency to the original windows in many older homes.

If you have a chimney, get a flashlight and take a good look inside to ensure there are no obstructions or heavy soot buildup. When was the last time you changed the air filter in the furnace? How is the humidifier working ? A quick way to check if you have the appropriate amount of moisture in your home is by looking at your windows – if they are sweating, especially on the bottom third, then your humidifier is probably set for too much moisture. If the windows are condensation- free, are you getting shocks from your carpets? Is your throat dry when you wake up in the morning? You probably need to increase the moisture.

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