New heating products

Heaters and heating systems – concealed or on show-play an important role in establishing the ambience and appearance of a room. Fireplaces and heaters provide an enticing and nostalgic focal point at all times, and bring an interior to glowing life when in use. Underfloor or ceiling heating systems obviate the need for usable heating a desirable option in situations where an even heat is required over a large area with no visual intrusion.
Recognized as the most Cost effective solution for heating apartments and townhouses, the NOBO N4X System is ideal for open areas were more than one heating panel is required. The panels are without individual thermostats, but combine as a system with a multi-programmable thermostat/timer. Available from Veetemp Heating Australia.
With ten models available, the Jetmaster range of wood and gas fires can be adapted to most existing fireplaces. In this setting a larger model is used, suiting the proportions of the room. The log storage under the fire meets practical requirements as well as providing an additional visual focus. The fires are designed to be easy to light, and the logpan needs cleaning once or twice a season.
With its two-way view, the Jetmaster 700 see-through fireplace makes an ideal room divider. In the setting shown here, it separates formal from casual living without closing off either space. The self-contained Jetmaster system includes a damper, a smoke shelf and a double-skinned flue, obviating the need for a double brick chimney.
The Farrington burnished steel fire grate is from the extensive range of grates and fire dogs designed by Lasting Impressions. The Farrington employs a stylishly simple Georgian motif, suitable for contemporary or period interiors. Available from Lasting Impressions.
The Brazier fire grate recalls the scroll motif of the Beidermeier period, with clean contempory lines for today’s interiors. Available from Lasting Impressions.
At the 1999 French Design Institute awards, this towel and bathroom heater wan the Janus Award for product innovation. The Monalisa combines European elegance with enough heat to warm towels, and the room. From Atlantic.
This chrome towel warmer creates an attractive focal point, as well as warming towels and adding to the overall warmth of the room. Available from Earp Brothers Hardware.
This open fireplace from Jetmaster is quite at home in its contemporary setting. The flue, designed to render a traditional brick chimney unnecessary, is concealed behind the plaster wall in keeping with the room’s streamlined style. The log storage echoes the simple lines of the fireplace, adding an extra visual element.
The Riviera under carpet heating system features a woven element sandwiched between PVC sheeting for moisture protection. The element sits between the underfelt and the carpet and is spaced at 6 cm intervals, which allows for rapid, even heating. The elements are so thin and flexible, they sink into the underfelt to leave the carpet smooth. Inquiries to Riviera.
In apartments and townhouses where space is limited, wall-mounted heaters are a sensible option. This wall mounted panel heater provides high quality, dust free warmth, with no fan noise. Available from Atlantic Australasia.
The Diamond Insert woodheater is designed to provide maximum heat output and long burn periods per fuel load. Features include a wide self-cleaning glass door and a deep ash bed for convenient ash retention. Firebrick lining on the sides and back of the firebox enhances combustion efficiency. Available from Eureka Heating.

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