Moving Tips From Professional Movers

If you have bought a new home and plan to move in soon, here are some useful tips from, a professional moving supply company with 8 years’ experience in the business, to help you prepare for it:

Packing: Professional movers can pack for you but if you prefer to do your own thing, remember to label all cartons with their designated contents and their designated rooms. Seal each carton with packing tapes and make sure all items are well-padded and fit snugly into the box or container.

Cartoons: Get these and other materials and start packing at least two weeks before your move.

Lampshades: Pack them in separate cartons.

Dishes: Wrap them separately.

Appliances: Secure all moveable parts of appliances and stereos with tapes or place them in their original casings. Defrost, clean, dry and deodorize all appliances beforehand.

Heavy items: Small appliances should be well-padded and packed in cartons. Pack heavy items, like books, in small boxes and lightweight items, like linens, in large boxes. The weight of a carton should not be more than 20 kg.

Inventory: Keep a full inventory of the items.

Unwanted stuff: Discard or give away things you do not need. Or hold a garage sale to sell them.

Borrowed things: Return all library books and other borrowed items.

Food: Use or get rid of frozen and perishable items.

Keep people informed: Tell your newspaper vendor, banks, credit-card companies, employer, friends and relatives about your impending move and new address.

Utilities: Arrange a cut-off date for your utilities and telephone.

Pets: Last but not least, if you have pets, make arrangements to move them properly.

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