More than decorative, carpeting is practical too

When you think about it, carpet in the kitchen makes sense.
Compared to hard-surface flooring, carpet is better at cushioning a fall, preventing slipping and sliding and providing insulation.

Another plus is that the stain-resistant line of kitchen carpeting is easier to clean and maintain than hard floors, which require sweeping, mopping, waxing. Yes, even with all those messy kitchen spills.

“Floor Recipes” is the name of the new collection of five styles of carpet made for the kitchen and other high-traffic areas. You can get carpet that resembles ceramic tile or gingham or has the ribbed look of sisal, carpet in a diamond pattern or a pattern of interlocking bulb shapes. Colors include neutrals, grays and taupes, blues, greens, rose and mauve shades.

The stuff is tough, assures the flooring and carpet professional. Colorfast, resistant to moisture and stains, the densely tufted loop carpet is soft to the touch and cushioned with a polyurethane backing that prevents liquids from seeping through to the subfloor. Vacuuming can keep it looking good for years.

Consumers shouldn’t be deterred by the price differential between carpeting and hard-surface flooring. Between a wood floor and a good quality carpet, there isn’t that much difference in price, especially if you look at it in the long run

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