Mitsubishi vehicles

The first cars sold under the Mitsubishi nameplate, displaying the three-diamond logo, were introduced to the American market in 1982. Prior to that, Mitsubishi supplied Colts and Sapporos to Chrysler, but in an effort to expand its overseas sales, the company decided to make a move to establish its own identity here. From a modest beginning, Mitsubishi has steadily increased its dealer network, and improved and expanded its product line until it now covers a rather significant portion of the automotive spectrum.

From the moment you get into the Mitsubishi Galant, you get a solid feeling. It is a highly advanced machine that stands on wide alloy wheels and is surrounded by a rippling metal casing that all works together for a remarkable performance, every time you drive it.

Though similar on paper to many other cars in the same class, the Lancer has a touch of quality and driving feel different from most of the others. Build quality is very good on all models and Lancers have a reputation for long life and reliability. Repairs are reasonably easy to carry out, even for the home handyperson, and spare parts are still readily available and competitively priced.

Mitsubishi’s first entry-level crossover, the Outlander, has characteristics that people want to see: low price, compactly sized, has higher ride height than a car does, doesn’t require a big climb up to get inside, easily fits in a garage, versatile interior for hauling people and cargo. offers you auto news, reviews and advices. There you can find Mitsubishi gallant specs, lancer specs,  outlander specs, photos and a lot of information.

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