Kitchen remodeling ideas

What’s on the wish list for homeowners remodeling their kitchens? A survey conducted for Jenn-Air showed that 52 percent of respondents wanted new appliances; 51 percent, a new refrigerator; 46 percent, an island with cooktop grill; 44 percent, a pantry. Way down on the list: fireplace (12 percent), wine cellar (11 percent), and office area (10 percent). That same survey showed that for kitchen colors or materials, light or bleached wood is what 71 percent of the respondents want, followed by marble or granite (59 percent), please, check out our website, cool blues and grays (56 percent), and mostly white or stainless steel (tied at 53 percent). Being hissed off the stage: mostly black, which got a thumbs-up from only 7 percent of the 750 respondents. Helpful hints

Johnny Grey, a British architect who specializes in kitchens (Metropolitan Home magazine calls him “the world’s best kitchen designer”), offers these suggestions for remodeling: (1) Consider the room’s social as well as functional purposes. If this is where everyone gathers, position the cooking areas so the cook’s back isn’t turned to guests or family members. (2) Make it inviting for all members of the family, with varying counter heights or a separate activity area for children. (3) If you can’t do a complete remodel, replace appliances and countertops, add decorative tiles and alter the lighting.

Most people don’t take the time to research kitchens before they remodel. There are so many new products, it’s confusing. And it’s the busiest room in the house. Colors are muted, in soft greens and yellows, something like in the ’50s but more sophisticated. Kitchens should look worn, used. The latest cabinets have a distressed finish making them look like they are 40 years old.

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