Kitchen and bath remodeling kit

If you’ve ever remodeled a kitchen or a bath, you’ve got to know that it’s a simple deal to get in over your head fast –  real fast.

Planning’s the key. A lack of solid planning and you could end up spending tons more than you’d anticipated and not get the function and the look you’d hoped for.

That’s where the new Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Kit comes in. It’s a well-produced, idea-packed package that covers just about any question you might have concerning kitchen and bath remodels.

The kit is a product of  a leading manufacturer of plumbing and specialty products, plus nine other kitchen/bath manufacturers ranging. Add baths and kitchens created by designers and stylists from seven of the country’s leading design magazines and the picture of how a kitchen/bath remodel should work comes clearly into focus.

The kit includes a design guide, a nut-and-bolts workbook, a color guide, a video and software for home computers.

What impressed us most was the workbook. It’s a 45-page, spiral-bound guide to putting together a kitchen or bath with the least amount of tribulation. There are tips for measuring specific spaces; critiquing your current bath or kitchen; selecting plumbing and fixtures, tile, laminates, solid surfaces, windows, appliances and wood flooring from Sherman Oaks floor store.

There also are grids and cutouts of various kitchen/bath features that allow you to design the space step by step before you begin the actual work.

To give you a better idea of what you can expect from the kit, here is a sampling of tips for kitchen remodeling that are included. They, like the rest of the information in the package, are quite specific, which leaves little room for guessing and making costly mistakes.

Eating counters take up less space than tables. Allow a minimum of 21 inches of counter space per person. Rounded corners create a smoother look and are safer.

You don’t need a lot of cabinets. Open shelving is a good place for frequently used items. Walk-in pantries can store food and cooking supplies in an out-of-the-way area, reducing the amount of expenisve cabinetry needed.

Island designs are ideal for work areas, but don’t attempt an island of less than 10 square feet.

Vary work surface heights if possible. Not only will your back appreciate this during long cooking or baking projects, but varied heights accommodate people of different heights, including children.

If you have decided to build custom cabinets, raise the height of the dishwasher above the baseboard. This will make loading and unloading easier, and the counter above the dishwasher makes an ideal bookshelf.

For refrigerators, industry guidelines range from 16-20 cubic feet of storage space for the first two people in the household, and then 1-2 cubic feet for each additional family member.

Side-by-side refrigerators offer proportionally more freezer space and easier viewing than other units but do not accommodate large items as well. If the work area is small, side-by-sides also require less door swing space.

Plan on at least 1 foot of counter space on each side of your range or cooktop. Unlike ranges, cooktops can be set at any height you desire.

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