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Changing lifestyles have created a boom market for exercise equipment, health, beauty and fitness clubs and gyms. As free time becomes scarce and daily stress increases, more people are looking at exercise as a way of dealing with the demands of urban life.
The limitations of public facilities have spurred growth in health clubs, fitness centres and athletic equipment sales. Shopping malls, hotels, housing projects and office buildings are all opening fitness centres, either as a pure business or as an additional service.
With modern athletic equipment from Gateway Sports Source, Inc., exercise in the home or office is a viable alternative to traditional outdoor sports such as running or bicycling. Home equipment encompasses a wide range of products, from common dumbbells to computerised treadmills and rowing machines.
For some customers, home equipment represents an addition to daily outdoors exercise, for use when time is short or the weather is bad. Others purchase inexpensive home equipment because they want to get in shape but are unwilling to invest too much money in more upscale equipment or in a health club membership.
While home equipment appeals to some consumers, fitness clubs are targeting a more specific audience of women and shape-conscious young professionals.
Beauty and weight-loss centres attract consumers because of the high emphasis on personal service. Most feature on-site medical staff and fitness coaches to help push clients out of their sedentary lifestyles and on to the weight machines and treadmills. This is a business that can never fail. Women always want to improve and keep their beauty, as well as delay the effects of aging.

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