Idea-packed closets

Nobody likes searching high and low through ill-organized, one-sizefits-all closets. Storage that’s carefully tailored to your needs-ideally arrayed within a comfortable dressing room-makes a master suite just that much sweeter. Whether you’re a die-hard neat-freak or just looking to shave some time off morning and evening routines, here’s a trio of super closets loaded with ways to pamper yourself and your wardrobe.

High-Rise Built-Ins

Pinched for space? Maybe it’s right over your head. Here, combining two closets with the shallow attic above them created a dressing room that literally reaches for the rafters. Vaulting the ceiling made room for a third tier of hanging space for out-ofseason clothing, plus shelving for shoes, hats, and other items. Down below, the hisand-her closet has a mirrorimage arrangement with a drawer-lined peninsula dividing the two areas (left). In the background, a 6-foot-high three-way mirror lets the owners get in-the-round looks at themselves and makes the space seem bigger than it really is. Ties and belts are easy to find in carefully organized drawers (above).

Space-Savvy Corridor

Another good way to carve out space for a dressing room is to "borrow" from the bedroom. Located along an outer wall in the master suite, this dressing area joins a large walk-in closet with the master bath. The inside wall consists of built-in his-and-her bureaus and cabinets that stop short of the ceiling to promote cross ventilation into the sleeping area.

On the outer wall, the architect added two banks of shelves enclosed by clear plastic doors. Because everything can be seen at a glance, the owners don’t have to waste time rummaging around to find things. Between the shelving units, a window seat provides a comfy spot to put on socks and shoes.

One for Him, Two for Her

Special storage needs demand special solutions. When the owners of this new home decided to build, they knew they wanted his-and-her dressing rooms. But she also has a large collection of clothing from her native India, so they planned a third, cedar-lined closet off her everyday closet. Here, shelves hold silk saris, tops, and skirts, with special-occasion dresses and matching pants neatly aligned on hangers.

Tiers of drawers and cabinets (left) line the passage from the bath in the background to a walk-in closet behind the camera. Good lighting helps the owners mix and match color choices.

Clear plastic cabinet doors (below) keep shoes, luggage, and a cherished Korean chest on view but dust-free. A cushioned window seat has a bank of storage underneath.

Both dressing rooms have center islands that provide drawer storage and a place to fold clothes or pack a suitcase. The closet’s fixtures are covered in white laminate, and lighting that simulates daylight makes colors easy to see.

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