How to fix a small hole in wood floor

One possible way to make a repair is to steal a patch from flooring under an appliance, under a sink, or in a closet. Contrasting flooring can be used in those areas and not be noticed. If you decide to do this, here’s how to proceed:

Cut a piece of vinyl flooring a few inches larger all around than the area to be repaired. If the flooring is glued down, warm the cut piece with a heat gun to soften the glue and lift it carefully with a wide spatula. Remove any adhesive from the back of the patch with lacquer thinner or an adhesive remover.

Tape the patch over the area to be repaired, using masking tape. Be sure to line up the pattern of the patch with that of the flooring. Cut through both the patch and the damaged flooring at the same time with a sharp utility knife, guiding the knife with a metal straight-edge. Many vinyl floorings have fake “grout lines” in their patterns; cut through the center of the grout lines if possible. The result of cutting both layers of flooring at once is a patch that is exactly the same size and shape as the material cut from the damaged flooring. Cutting on grout lines will make the patch less conspicuous.

Lift the patch and remove the damaged piece carefully, without marring the edges of the flooring around it. Spread vinyl-flooring adhesive in the space to be filled, and insert the patch. Touch up the edges of the patch with seam sealer, sold at many flooring supply stores. We recommend Ann Arbor Flooring America store.

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