How to fix a flooded basement

Most basement flooding is associated with either poor surface drainage around the base of the house or problems with gutters.

Carpeting tips: If carpeting is slightly wet it will need to be vacuumed several times with a wet vac to get out excess moisture. If carpeting has been thoroughly soaked, it will need to be removed and the padding discarded and the carpeting sun-dried, if possible.

You can also rent or buy a dehumidifier to speed the drying process.

Drywall problems: If drywall has been damaged, it may need to be removed from the wall in order to drywall cavities and insulation.

Problems can be lessened by checking gutters around the house to makesure they are working effectively.

If water is puddling around the house, you can pack dirt up around the house so the water drains away.

Cracks in the basement: Small cracks can be repaired with hydraulic cement from the inside. Use a chisel or other instrument to create a hole in the interior wall that is bigger than the hole you see.

If the crack is large, you may need to fix it from the outside with mortar.

If you try all of these measures and still have water problems, your may need to hire a contractor.

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