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Made in the shade: Shading fabrics for windows used to be pretty predictable. You could almost always count on them being ugly. But all that’s changed.
New, pleated-shade fabrics provide a wide array of choices. Advanced techniques in printing, weaving and pleating have given people affordable options in color, texture and fabric.
The Mystic Moods collection from Hunter Douglas, for example, features a semi-opaque shade with a random open weave and a texture that appears embossed. Viewed from indoors, one can see the fabric’s highlights across the surface as sunlight seeps through the small openings in the shade. A glowing effect is achieved.

Want to add the elegant look of marble to your home but can’t afford to do the floor of an entire room? Go small. The powder room. It won’t take much marble flooring to create the impression you’re looking for. Please, Follow This Link.

Lighting up: So you spend countless hours working in your yard only to watch it fade to nothing as the sun goes down.
By nightlighting your yard or garden, you can transform it into a place of beauty even if the sun has decided to call it quits for the day.
Lighting trees, shrubs, and flowers brings out their color, form and texture, and brings an air of magic and excitement to any landscape after dark.
Landscape lighting increases the number of pleasurable hours you spend outdoors, enhances the beauty of your property and makes your home safer and more secure. Plus, it’s an investment.

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