Get ready for in-home computer gaming

There’s no flashing neon, no floor show, no musically clinking coins when you pull the handle on a slot machine in cyberspace.

Instead, the computer mouse in the quiet room goes clickety-click. And the lemon, the grapes and the banana blink onto the screen, with a message that says, “You win!”

You need not travel all the way to Las Vegas or even Goa. Play poker, online black jack, roulette, craps or online slots and even sports games and horse racing on your PC from anywhere in the world. Online gambling takes care of everything, right from betting and playing to collecting money. Typically, the Net offers two types of gambling and wagering opportunities: casino games and sports bets. Millions of people could boot up, log on and gamble from their homes.

Online gambling works like this: users log onto the Net and go to a particular site that offers online gambling or any other wagering opportunity. While some online casino usa sites are ‘ready-made’ for playing with special Java applets or HTML format, other sites have special software that must be downloaded before playing. Users can register themselves as members and set up an account with an initial deposit. There are different ways to make deposits into your account: credit cards, American Express Money Gram, Western Union, moneybookers and other. Credit card deposits are processed online-within a minute-so one does not have to wait to start playing! As you gamble, money is credited or debited depending on whether you win or lose. And if you have had enough of wagering and want to close your account, all you have to do is fill out a withdrawal request form which is available online, and the funds are transferred to you. The mode of transaction entirely depends on your preferences.

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