Garage door openers

Manufacturers of garage door openers have come up with three different mechanisms to lift a door: chain, screw or belt. Chain drive systems are the most popular and affordable. An electric motor drives a steel chain that raises and lowers the door. These units are strong and extremely reliable, but they are noisy. Noise isn’t a concern if you have a detached garage. If your garage is an attached one (especially one with living space above), the sound of the opener could be a nuisance.

Screw-drive systems use a long, threaded steel rod to lift the door. These powerful, smooth-running units are slightly more expensive than chain-drive openers and operate more slowly. That makes them perfect for one-piece, tilt-up doors, which operate more smoothly at slower speeds.

Belt-drive units use a fiber-reinforced rubber belt to lift the door. These top-end units are by far the quietest, smoothest-operating openers available.

Many of the recent design improvements have been directed toward making garage door openers operate more quietly and more reliably.

Security is also a major concern. Thieves, with an electronic code grabber, can capture the remote transmitter code on any garage door opener about five or more years old. Once they have your code, they can set their own remote control and open your garage door anytime after you leave.

When selecting a new opener, select one that has rolling security codes. The transmitter and receiver have more than 1 million built- in random codes. Every time you open the door, they automatically change to a new code.

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