Frames can improve your decor prints

Before you visit a frame shop you need to do some home work, literally. Think about where it’s going to hang in the house. This is important from both an artistic and practical point of view. On the artistic side, preselecting a spot for your artwork will help you choose the best frame for both the print and the room. It will give you a sense of the overall design depending on whether the room is traditional, formal or contemporary.

But there are practical considerations as well, specifically whether the room is bright or damp. If a piece is very valuable and will be in a room with high light, you should consider a UV reflective glass. Though it’s more expensive, it’s worth it to protect your frame and print.

If a paper print is destined for a bathroom or kitchen, you need more matting or spacers between the print and the glass to prevent condensation from getting on the artwork, which could then stick to the glass. And because of moisture and potential splatters, I would avoid hanging giclee prints in these rooms because they have no glass to protect them.

Try to keep an open mind. No matter where you go, photos on canvas are “investments”. To get the best job possible, let the framer be creative in making suggestions for you artwork. You may find the style you like most is one you would never have chosen yourself.

I like the artwork to shine out, so I do the framing as simply as possible. The image, especially a photograph, should have a lot of space around it. I wish people would be more understanding about the quality of paper, which will change due to humidity. Seal the covering glass to matting at edges to prevent moisture from getting in. Mold can stain the paper. It’s important to have artwork regularly cleaned and maintained.

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