Feathering your nest

Narrow bookshelves (below) tucked in at the foot of the bed add storage and character in a pint-size room. Lined wilh good books for guests to reed, the shelves also display personal mements, such as seashells and a framed greeting card.

This tiny guest bedroom soothes because furniture doesn’t overpower the space. An antique birdhouse, perched on an existing built-in cube, makes a whimsical headboard for a simple twin bed dressed with a linen skirt and an old quilt. Chosen for their airiness, a bamboo chair and folding table have a similar lighthearted appeal. Simple plantation shutters don’t clutter the view. Because the room lacks closet space, a wicker chest at the end of the bed comes in handy as a hideaway for linens.

bed on high Sneaky, deep-drawer storage under the bed (below) gives this small master bedroom a fun, shipshape feeling. Plus, the raised platform lifts this throne of a bed up for a crow’s-nest view of the outdoors. The windows, trimmed in white and left unadorned, contribute to the illusion of spaciousness. A pale yellow and beige color scheme reinforces the light look. To maximize the room’s function, a reading nook and balcony provide additional lounging spots.

The usual advice says that spare, clean-lined design makes a small room seem bigger. But if you long for a sink-in feeling, bright color and bold pattern are more embracing. A king-size pencil-post bed makes this room even cozier by creating a room-withina-room effect White walls and bed curtains strike a calm balance with the energetic wedding-ring-pattern quilt, striped chair, and floral bed skirt

Layering an extra bedroom with character doesn’t require a lot of money if you pull together the right secondhand buys. A pretty $1 chair accents this room’s bargain desk and tables, which blend because the cane and wicker are similar in style. Pale walls give a colorful quilt the spotlight; positioning the bed in front of a shuttered window eliminates the need for an expensive and space-hogging headboard. This small room accommodates two different window treatments because the shutters and fabric are so simple.

A clever combination of elements turns this ordinary bed into the sumptuous focal point of a compact master bedroom. Pillows rest against a functional headboard while a hand-painted screen serves as a decorative backdrop. The bed tucks into a fabric alcove, which provides the feeling of a canopy without a full canopy bed. The alcove also directs maximum attention to the screen. Fabric swags hang from a frame made of vertical posts, 2x4s, and dowels.

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