Cuckoo Clocks for your home

There’s something about a cuckoo clock that piques a person’s imagination. People either think they’re gaudy or they love ’em. But they all stop and look at them. In our modern mass-produced world, cuckoo clocks stand out as impressive displays of skilled labor. Unfortunately, you don’t find that much anymore. Just look at the site

The price from 1-26-2011 depends on the amount of hand carving, music and animation. A clock embellished with a chalet that has individually carved shutters will cost more than one without that feature. Anyone willing to work into a busy schedule the chore of winding a clock by hand – every day on 30-hour models and about once a week on those with an eight-day mechanism – probably is thinking more about the nostalgic aspect of a cuckoo clock than practical considerations.

Many people initially are drawn to cuckoo clocks for the way they sound, that happy Old- World bird’s call achieved through a series of weights and counterbalances triggered most often when a clock strikes the hour. Customers who purchase cuckoos are all across the board, from younger couples to their grandparents. But they all seem to have in common that, first, they can appreciate something unusual. Sometimes half-forgotten memories surface, perhaps of a parent having one in the house when they were growing up or at least having heard one as a child.

Children seem to be drawn to cuckoos. But watch out: In order for a cuckoo clock to run properly, the weight chains have to hang down almost to the floor, presenting a pretty tempting invitation to a child as something to play with or yank on.

Of course, the value of antique or vintage cuckoos handed down as family heirlooms needs to be evaluated on an individual basis. As with many collectibles, it can vary widely depending on how well a timepiece has been cared for.

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