Creating a Bathroom Oasis

When it comes to bathrooms, the overriding factor is personal taste. Older bathrooms are often tiny, akin to tiled closets. Homeowners – especially younger couples – want lush and lavish surroundings, but that requires more room. Mirrors and marble have crept in where four-inch tile once sufficed.

The extra space for such an oasis can come from a closet in a neighboring room. Some people fold two bedrooms in with a bath to create a master suite complete with walk-in closet. It is good to try and keep the addition within the existing structure when you can, but some homeowners have added onto the house to accommodate a larger bath.

For those who cannot expand into other rooms, there are whirlpool baths that will fit the space presently occupied by standard 30-by-60 tub, said Lisa Trouth, a showroom consultant at LCR Plumbing Supply in Gentilly. Whirlpool baths are becoming routine in new construction.

In existing houses, it may not be possible to bring a preformed shower enclosure into the house. But there are seamed enclosures that arrive in parts and can be assembled inside the bathroom, she said.

When it comes to fixtures, price depends mostly on manufacturer and color. But color preferences change according to the women’s ready-to-wear fashions.

So rather than get a tub or toilet in the latest color, Trouth suggests using color as accent tile or trim. Despite the myriad offerings, the most popular colors are still white, gold and silver gray because they are so neutral, Trouth said.

Four-inch tile is popular again for walls as well as man-made marble. The same color tile can be available in glossy version for walls and non-skid finish for floors, please follow link.

Whatever your decision, remember: The kitchen and bathrooms are probably two rooms potential homebuyers scrutinize most.

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