Colorful Carpet Advice

Since so many color options can paralyze people, I suggest building files of pictures clipped from magazines. This helps you visualize what furniture, accessories and colors do in a room. Darker colors make a room cozier; lighter colors make it appear larger. Take paint chips home and look at them in morning, afternoon and evening light. If you choose a monochromatic scheme, be sure to vary textures.

I use The Wagner Color Institute’s Color Response Report as a decorating resource. It tracks emotional responses to color. Since cheery yellow produces anxiety, it may not be a good choice for the nursery. Green makes us think of home so it might be the perfect color for a child going to college. Navy blue suggests trustworthiness. Blue has a tranquilizing effect and dampens our response to food.

The carpet story goes beyond color to texture.

The carpet industry’s new tufting technology has expanded possibilities. Different loop levels and combinations of short loops with cut fibers create new textures that hide dirt and are virtually trackless.

Technology also spawns new choices in color combinations and patterns. The popular sisal area rugs are being reinvented in nylon and polypropylene, making them easy on the toes, the wallet and the person doing maintenance.

I suggest that renters remember that carpet comes in 12-foot widths and that many retailers can cut a piece to fit your room, creating a wall-to-wall area rug. Further customize the look by bordering the rug with a second carpet or with fringe. When you move, roll up the carpet and take it with you to a new home or apartment.

Whether buying carpet or choosing colors,  the real key to making decorating decisions is to know what you like and what you need. The practical and comfortable approach continues to guide well-informed consumers find out more

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