Catering: The most valuable thing you can give is time and quality

Today, catering is not just feeding a multitude at a christening or other big occasions. Catering has adjusted to the needs of our contemporary lives.

Home replacement food is usually provided by the takeout deli, a sophisticated bakery that offers nice sandwiches. It is the type of food you will otherwise prepare in your own home.

This type of catering can provide a dinner for as small as six or 12 people. A whole chicken will be roasted, for instance, and the caterer will provide everything from candles to silverware, even the disposable and microwaveable utensils, if it is a formal dinner. It is, in other words, very personalized. A caterer today now takes even small orders like one crab or one steak.

Video stores are connected to home replacement food providers, so before you go home, not only can you buy your dinner but rent a movie to go with it, too. Clearly an expanding trend, even supermarkets are already going into this service. You may, for instance, see pre-packaged salads in separate containers in select upscale supermarkets here.

More Choices in large sit-down dinners, guests now choose from either salmon, steak, chicken, or game, which replaces the traditional one-entree-and-one-appetizer package. This type of set-up is tricky for chefs, who have to guess how many of each viand they have to preparation. That it can be fun as the chefs take bets in terms of how many of each dish will be served.

A caterer should handle everything: music, table favors, printed menus, and flowers, who thinks this type of overall service is making a comeback.

Even the customer saves money, because the caterer gets a discount. A live band, for instance, would welcome the extra business.

This may provide an advantage over the restaurants, more of which are now going into Catering Hire because it is a way of extending revenues without increasing overhead costs.

Healthy Dining: Asian diet is healthier. It used to be that the American diet consisted of meat and potatoes, but as with food trends, caterers now offer a whole array of healthier alternatives. Whole wheat, grains, pastas, and fresh veggies as well as multigrains and rice not only offer a healthier alternative but gives an attractive color combination.

Fusion, a popular term for restaurants today, is getting increasing exposure in catering. Eclectic combinations of Asian linked with French cuisine may please a more select audience spectrum, an exciting alternative for those palates weary of the traditional. The use of salsas, a combination of beans, onions and garlic, and chopped onion is a trend that is a part of both the cultural and culinary fusion among various ethnic groups.

In plate presentations, the skill of the catering chef is important. This is where training comes in handy, although for buffet tables, the trend is that the food is blended rather than separated. A layer of garlic mashed potato is spread on half a layer of chicken, for instance.

Theme buffets are also increasingly popular and are not any different from kiddo parties. The only differences are that there’s alcohol and it’s at night.

Often done for corporate cocktails, an elaborate set-up of a sports bar (which may include a mini-basketball court and videos of games), a Caribbean booth that serves tequila and tortillas, and a western saloon in one room is not unusual. You are creating entertainment venues.

Must Quality service guaranteed is one of the keys to a successful Catering Equipment Hire business. Quality service is the perceived value that a customer will receive.

For instance, you would expect a different level of service at McDonald’s than you would at a swanky resto, and it’s the same with catering.

This is a business and you have to make a profit. There’s a lot more involved aside from food. People often go into the business because they love to cook or all their friends say so, but they sometimes forget that it’s a business they have to study.

Most caterers are not serving the food from the kitchen to the table and considerations as to how long will the food will stay hot/cold, safe to eat, or look attractive should be taken into account.

The most valuable thing you can give is time and quality…If you don’t care about the small stuff, then you don’t care at all.

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