Carpet padding types

Question: I plan to buy a carpet. Some say I should use a thin pad under the carpet and some say I should use a thick pad. I called the carpet mill and they said they didn’t know anything about padding.What kind of pad should I get?


Thicker is not better in carpet padding. Look for density rather than thickness.

Padding for residential use should be 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch thick. Padding that is more than 1/2-inch thick will cause too much flex in the carpet and result in it separating from its backing. Also, furniture is more likely to leave permanent indentation marks when you have thick padding.

Furthermore, carpet installed over too-thick padding cannot be properly secured to tack-less stripping. So it will start to lift along the edges and start to develop wrinkles and buckles.

And finally, according to our carpet experts, 1/2-inch padding will void all manufacturing warranties on your carpet. You can find more information in carpet stores Stillwater.

Some carpet padding is necessary, however, to provide resiliency to the carpet and help it resist crushing and matting. Padding also improves insulation and sound absorbency and softens impact in case of falls.

There are basically three types of padding on the marketplace, all varying in thickness and density.

URETHANE FOAM may be “prime” urethane, which is solid in color, or it may be “rebonded urethane” which resembles multicolored confetti. Rebonded urethane is constructed from scraps of recycled foam which are glued together to form a slab and then sliced to the proper thickness.

Minimum density should be 2.2 pounds per cubic foot for prime and 6 pounds for rebonded urethane. A good choice for residential is rebonded foam, 3/8-inch thick, with a 6- to 8-pound per cubic foot density.

RUBBER WAFFLE is made from natural latex, preservatives and fillers. It has a life span of 10 to 15 years unless exposed to flooding. Density is rated in ounces and the minimum recommended for rubber waffle padding is 48 ounces per square yard. Minimum thickness should be just over 1/4-inch.

FELT is the longest-lasting type of padding. For years it was made from horsehair and jute (which were sensitive to dampness) but is now available as a 100 percent synthetic. Felt is often used in commercial heavy traffic settings. It is the product of choice under Berber carpets, which need a solid foundation for best performance. The minimum density of felt should be 22 ounces per square yard and a minimum thickness of 1/4-inch.

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