Calling pro takes sting out of stirring up bees

If you find a swarm of honeybees on your property, some experts recommend that you treat it as an Africanized swarm and keep everyone away from it.

Do not disturb the swarm or try to remove it yourself. Check the Yellow Pages under “Bee Removal”or “Pest Control Services”, current specials and have a professional remove the swarm.

To prevent bees from settling in your garden or house, professionals recommend that you:

Cover or fill all holes 1/7-inch in diameter or larger in block walls, trees or cactuses .

Caulk cracks in the roof, walls, and the foundation .

Check for separation between the chimney and the house, and make sure chimneys are properly covered.

Place window-screen mesh over rain spouts, drains, attic vents and irrigation-valve boxes.

Remove any debris or trash that might serve as a shelter for bees, such as old appliances,  automobile parts, overturned clay pots, cardboard boxes, tires or stacks of crates.

Cover or fill animal burrows in the ground.

When inspecting your home or yard for bee colonies, look for bees passing into and out of an opening, or hovering in front of one, and listen for the hum of active insects. Look for colonies near the ground.

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