Building the deck

The deck has to follow certain safety guidelines if it is 30 inches or more off the ground. This is very important because children can get hurt falling off decks or getting their heads stuck between railings. You could have a tragedy if the deck is not built properly”

One of the regulations is that the deck railings must not be more than 16 inches apart.

The best wood to use in a deck is chemically treated, pressurized wood, which lasts longer.

It will stand up better under the elements and even though it costs a bit more, it is worth it.

If you want to build the deck yourself, contractors recommend choosing spruce or cedar. Cedar costs about $20 per square foot, spruce about $15.
Pressure-treated wood was the best for the floor of the deck, but said cedar is too soft for the flooring and is best for railings and other sections.

Yellow pine, which is very durable, is the least expensive wood for decks.

The old standby, redwood, is still very popular, especially since its oil base fights decay and makes it durable. Redwood contains oils called tannins that help resist dampness and insects. But a redwood deck must be waterproofed every three years or so, because it tends to splinter sooner than those built of other woods.

People just looking for the lowest price for a flooring in Bossier City sometimes can run into trouble.

The lowest price is not necessarily the best job. As a matter of fact, it is usually the opposite. If a competitor says he will charge $9 per square foot for a deck, then he beats my $12.50, but if he doesn’t have a permit or insurance, then the homeowner may get burned in the end if something goes wrong.

Building a deck 30 inches off the ground requires that the homeowner get a permit, but contractors say many people don’t bother.

They are taking a chance if a town inspector comes around and makes them tear it down if it is a possible hazard. It is best to check with your local building inspector to make sure; often you don’t have to get a permit in many cases.

How long will a well-built deck last? The Lumber Manufacturers Association says a good deck will last 30 years, but most contractors say few can live up to that claim.

I haven’t seen one last that long without a lot of replacing of the wood, but 20 years is not unusual if the wood is treated and waterproofed every few years, and there is not a lot of wear and tear on the deck.

A chemically treated wood deck doesn’t have to be sealed at all, it would last longer if a water sealer was applied every three years or so.

Solid underpinnings are vital for a deck, because state regulations demand that it be able to withstand 60 pounds of pressure per square foot.

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