Borrowed-space bath

Sometimes it takes a bit of clever thievery to enlarge a room. But there’s nothing criminal about the way Janet Rice and Peter Bachman created a splendorous new second-floor bathroom in their Minneapolis home.

They stole a little space from a little-used bedroom.

This 1920s bath was a moldy remnant with crumbling grout and dated green tile. Janet and Peter wanted to remain true to their home’s character while gaining modern comfort and convenience, but they couldn’t do it without scraping up some extra space.

They found a 2-foot sliver of space by stealingborrowing is the more polite term-from a small closet in a secondary bedroom. This allowed them to fit both a jetted tub and separate shower into the revamped bath. The bedroom improved in the process, too, since there was still enough room to enlarge the closet the full width of the wall, actually increasing storage space.

The remodeled bathroom is now home to a two-person jetted tub adjacent to a 3×4-foot shower. Janet and Peter also replaced a tiny porthole-sized window with a wall of casement windows topped with transoms, giving themselves a wide-open view of Lake Harriet.

Sunny yellow walls make this a cheery room. The tile design, ornate handheld fixture, and reproduction pedestal sink were all chosen to remain true to the home’s vintage charm.

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