For maximum impact, the current crop of shiny papers attracts the eye as relentlessly as a lure attracts bass. One of the most stunning papers on the market today is Appleton Papers Currency line, an aqueous-coated metallic paper that really looks metallic. Because these papers are metallized in the manufacturing process, the bronzes, golds, silvers and opalescents really do shine. Best of all, you can print on them with both transparent and opaque inks, creating effects both subtle and bold.

Even glitzier are pearlescent papers by the Curious Paper Collection. Like Currency, these sheets can be printed with offset ink. The effect is shiny but subdued, perfect for elegant designs that scream quality-in the most discreet way, of course.

For the glitziest papers of all, check out holographic papers from Proma Technologies. These sheets also can be overprinted with commercial inks, so you can cover up the holograms completely, leave them totally bare, or use transparent inks combined with the holographic refractions to create distinctive effects.

All these lines of shiny paper are interactive, in the sense that they literally demand to be picked up and turned from side to side so viewers can see different colors and effects. They’re especially effective for packaging or any other handheld designs such as greeting cards, business cards and brochures.

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