Anti-slip rug and non-slip underlays

Rugs that creep – be it over carpet or smooth flooring – are not only unsightly and annoying but they can be dangerous too. Anti-slip rug underlay is the answer, a product which comes in various forms.

Many consumers are quite simply floored by the problem of the creepy crawlies: rugs which just won’t stay put. Slipping, creeping, call it what you will, the answer lies in some sort of anti-slip underlay which is placed between the rug and the floor. There are two basic types: a plastic mesh and a non-woven sheeting.

Jaymart markets Rugger, a non-woven fibrous material which is both fine and light. With a peel-off backing this tacky material is cut to size with scissors and stuck on to the back of the rug. Suitable for use over carpets and smooth floors, it is peelable, ideal for temporary situations. It comes in 30m rolls in 90cm and 150cm widths and in seven mat sizes: 60 by 130cm; 90 by 150cm; 120 by 180cm; 130 by 190cm; 150 by 240cm and 190 by 290cm.

Gates Rubber markets Roberts Palma Allstop and Roberts Allstop Plus, two qualities of compressed polyester fibre. This spring underpadding is coated both sides with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. The product is dry to the touch, has a slightly rubbery texture, and, says Gates, when placed under a rug the grip is phenomenal. Both products are reusable, moth-proof and suitable for use over carpet and smooth flooring. Palma Allstop is 2mm thick and comes in three roll sizes: 60cm, 80cm and 120cm wide, all 50m rolls, and in four rug sizes: 1.60 by 2.30m, 1.90 by 2.90m, 2.40 by 3.40m, and 2.90 by 3.90m. Roberts Palma Allstop Plus is 5mm thick, available in five roll sizes: 60cm, 80cm, 120cm, 185cm and 240cm wide, all 25m rolls, and in four rug sizes: 1.60 by 2.30m, 1.90 by 2.90m, 2.40 by 3.40m, and 2.90 by 3.90m.

Stikatak Rug Anti-Kreep is highly user friendly. It is completely washable and comes with full instructions for use printed on it. It is used over carpet with the name side up, and on smooth floors with the name side down. Available in three widths: 60cm, 90cm and 120cm wide, all 25m rolls.

Ako is a range of four rug underlays, designed for different situations. For rugs on carpet, Ako Stop is a rayon net with a flocked finish of nylon fibres. Machine washable it comes in five widths: 80cm, 120cm, 160cm, 180cm and 240cm, all 30m rolls. For rugs on polished floors, Ako Super is a pvc coated net in five sizes: 80cm, 120cm, 160cm, 180cm and 240cm wide, all 30m rolls. Ako Top Fleece can be used over carpet and hard flooring. Coated both sides with an acrylic adhesive, this 4mm thick needlepunch fleece comes in rolls: 80cm, 120cm, 160cm, 190cm, and 240cm wide, all 30m rolls and in cut sizes: 80 by 150cm, 120 by 190cm and 160 by 225cm. Ako Elastic is for use on hard floors. In two thicknesses, 2.5mm and 4.5mm, it is claimed to have excellent insulating qualities.

Non-slip underlays

Dycem markets three non-slip rug underlays, all made from coated polyester, which holds rugs in place by friction not adhesive. Miracle-Hold is for use under rugs on carpets, and Hold-Tight for rugs on hard floors. Cushion-Grip, also for rugs on hard floors, is thicker for extra cushioning. Fully washable, Miracle-Hold and Hold-Tight are available in cut sizes: 50 by 110cm, 80 by 140cm, 120 by 170cm and 170 by 260cm; and in 30m rolls in 90cm and 180cm widths. Cushion Grip comes in 20m rolls only, 90cm and 180cm wide.

Anderson Exports, which has specialised in rug anti-creep, anti-slip products for more than 10 years, markets four products. The most popular is Foxi Super Plus, which consists of a printed foam bonded to a ‘fleece’, is sticky on both sides, and is said to be equally effective on carpet and smooth floors. It is available in six pre-pack rug sizes: 70 by 140cm, 90 by 150cm, 140 by 200cm, 170 by 240cm, 200 by 300 cm and 240 by 340cm, and in 25m rolls, 60cm, 92cm, 125cm and 185cm wide. Haltrug is a similar product, aimed at the budget market, available in 35m rolls in the same widths as Foxi, and as cut pieces: 70 by 140cm, 90 by 150cm and 140 by 200cm.

For smooth floors, Anderson markets two products: Stoppy, a polyprop netting coated in latex, and Stargrip a rubber mesh. Both are available 120cm and 180cm wide in 30m rolls.

… and now for something completely different

Neither a fibrous sheeting nor a netting, PozziGrip, manufactured in the UK by Pozzani, is made from a mixture of pvc and polyester. It looks woven but isn’t. MD Steve Malloney says, ‘We’ve tried to get a patent for this product, but have so far been unsuccessful. I can’t tell you exactly what it is made from or the way it is made, as that’s what makes it unique.’

Said to be suitable for use over carpet and smooth floors – though it works best on very smooth surfaces such as marble – it is available in a roll, 30cm wide and 3.6m long.

Tips to cure a roving rug from Centerton Flooring Provider

Place rugs on a level surface to avoid uneven wear.

Vacuum regularly under rugs with loose underlays, but unless you like flying, don’t polish any hard floors underneath.

Don’t use an anti-slip underlay on a new carpet which is still shedding a lot of loose fibres as it will be ineffective.

Most products should be cut one or two inches smaller than the rug. Make sure they are completely flat before putting the rug on top.

Although there is no evidence that they damage the pile, don’t use an anti -slip underlay with a fine silk, old or precious carpet.

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    to whom it may concern i want you to know we brought your ako for our carpet and it was useless from bunning it was not cheap so we have lost over $37 for nothing what do we do now our carpet is not rubb er or calico dee dunn

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