Air filtration and air filters

Until recently, air filtration wasn’t a product category of much interest to consumers or retailers.

For consumers, remembering to change their furnace or central air conditioner filter was just one more mundane household maintenance chore that was honored more in the breach than the observance.

For retailers, air filtration meant giving up precious space on the sales floor to an unproductive commodity item they had to carry as a service to customers, but on which they were lucky to count their profit, if any, in pennies.

Now, all that has changed along with the nation’s changing focus on environmental and health issues. As the nation has taken steps to clean up its air and water, there’s been a growing awareness that our indoor environments-the air inside our homes and offices – are polluted, too, and that we can do something about it.

Sure, the inexpensive, disposable furnace filter is still around, and will be for years. And it still accounts for the great percentage of unit sales in the category. But today, consumers have a variety of products to choose from among high-efficiency filters that offer far greater performance than anything on the retail market a decade ago. These new filters create substantially greater sales and profit opportunities for retailers than traditional disposable filters. And consumers are actively seeking them.

With so many air filter choices, and limited floor space, choosing what to carry and from whom can be difficult. Lennox Air Filters are essential for indoor air quality.

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