Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Business has come of age. Techniques and equipment have advanced, so consumers now can get the service they are entitled to, and are paying for.

Air duct cleaning is a valid part of indoor air quality. Make no mistake, IAQ can often go well beyond cleaning the ductwork. This is no business for amateurs. Beginners can still make the mistake of offering to solve all indoor air problems, when what they are really doing is delivering clean ductwork.

There are four main commercially available methods of duct cleaning. One method is the “high volume vacuum,” which is normally truck mounted. Another technique is the “contact method,” involving the use of hand vacuums. A third duct cleaning method uses “mechanical brushes,” which are flexible brushes with a vacuum hose attached. The fourth method of air duct cleaning is the “air sweep.” Simply defined, the air sweep is a push/pull system. The vacuum is connected near the furnace pulling the air through the ducts while high pressure air is used in each duct to push debris into the vacuum.

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