Moving Tips From Professional Movers

If you have bought a new home and plan to move in soon, here are some useful tips from, a professional moving supply company with 8 years’ experience in the business, to help you prepare for it:

Packing: Professional movers can pack for you but if you prefer to do your own thing, remember to label all cartons with their designated contents and their designated rooms. Seal each carton with packing tapes and make sure all items are well-padded and fit snugly into the box or container.

Cartoons: Get these and other materials and start packing at least two weeks before your move.

Lampshades: Pack them in separate cartons.

Dishes: Wrap them separately.

Appliances: Secure all moveable parts of appliances and stereos with tapes or place them in their original casings. Defrost, clean, dry and deodorize all appliances beforehand.

Heavy items: Small appliances should be well-padded and packed in cartons. Pack heavy items, like books, in small boxes and lightweight items, like linens, in large boxes. The weight of a carton should not be more than 20 kg.

Inventory: Keep a full inventory of the items.

Unwanted stuff: Discard or give away things you do not need. Or hold a garage sale to sell them.

Borrowed things: Return all library books and other borrowed items.

Food: Use or get rid of frozen and perishable items.

Keep people informed: Tell your newspaper vendor, banks, credit-card companies, employer, friends and relatives about your impending move and new address.

Utilities: Arrange a cut-off date for your utilities and telephone.

Pets: Last but not least, if you have pets, make arrangements to move them properly.

Home Inspection

People scour consumer reports before buying a home computer. They test drive a car before making a decision.

Yet when it comes to buying a house, prospective buyers routinely fail to get a home inspection report before closing the deal.

A house – unless you’re Bill Gates – is the greatest purchase, the greatest investment you’ll ever make. Unfortunately, it’s the one people spend too little time on before making.

There are very few protections on a home once you sign that contract. Once you close, it’s yours.

What you have to do with such an extraordinary investment is make sure that what you’re buying is what you think you’re buying.

For the first-time buyer, a home inspection, which takes a few hours to complete, can be “a very educational process”. The home inspection Trenton looks at a lot of things that it’s great for the first-time buyer to see.

You’re not getting your money’s worth if you just go through the report later. Because the inspector can’t write down every little thing as he goes through the house, or else the report would be 100 pages long.

In addition to its educational value, an inspection report can be an advantage during the negotiating process.

You want to make sure the house is in sound condition. If it’s not, that should be a part of the bargaining. Before you sign a contract, you should have an inspection done. If the house needs a new roof or a new heating system, those are things that you should consider in your offer.

Other areas a home inspector checks into include the foundation, insulation, electrical wiring, plumbing and cooling system.

It should be very readable. You should go over it personally with the inspector so that you understand. And because time is usually a factor, the report should also be delivered in prompt fashion.

In addition to listing any problems detected, a thorough inspection report shouldn’t overlook the positive points.

It’s not merely listing any deficiencies. A good report should tell you if the furnace has been taken care of.

Some companies specialize in certain areas of inspection; others offer whole-house inspections.

Home buyers should be careful when choosing a home inspector. Make sure they’re properly credentialed, qualified and experienced.

Still, even the most skilled and experienced inspector may miss something. An inspection report is “not a warranty”. It’s our best estimate of what’s going on in the house. Maybe they don’t get everything. But they can see tell-tale signs of problems.

To be sure that a home inspector is ethical and professional, find out beforehand that an inspector will not offer to do repairs on the inspected property and that the firm has no financial interest in the transaction, or in the real estate agent’s commission.

Expect a written report that describes the condition of the home at the time of the inspection, based upon visual observation and to provide an indication of the need for major repairs.

Don’t expect an inspector’s report to serve as a guarantee that the home’s components won’t ever fail or need repair at some point in the future.

High-Tech Windows

Recent product innovations and designs have moved york windows squarely into the high-tech arena. Improvements in product performance and energy efficiency are key considerations in managing this category and set windows apart from doors, moldings and other millwork items.

Although windows and doors are usually sold in the same department, they are distinct products that call for separate management techniques.

Window manufacturers have improved their products with Low-E and other energy-efficient glazing systems, new framing materials, and better installation systems. The task of selecting–and selling–these high-tech windows requires greater expertise and the need to communicate technical product facts clearly, concisely and effectively to all categories of customers.

The retail window assortment must have a balanced selection with wood, aluminum and vinyl framing; double-hung and casement styles; and specialty windows and patio doors. Local preferences change quickly and must constantly be monitored to keep a productive, fine-tuned assortment.

Additionally, many manufacturers offer double-glazed windows with removable inner glazing panels. These inner panels can be removed in the summer and added in the winter. To carry thermal performance further – particularly in harsh climates such as northern New England or the upper Midwest – a third pane of glass can be added.

Windows with insulating glass assemblies offer another possible advantage. Glass coatings and tints can be applied to any of the surfaces. Each location can provide a different heat-transfer effect or significantly change the visual characteristics of a window. Windows can even be assembled using different types of glass for each layer – most commonly the inner layer is clear and the outer layer can be tinted, coated or both.

Manufacturers also have substantially improved the edge spacers that separate the layers of glass. Thermal breaks, spacers that combine traditional aluminum or stainless steel with less conductive metals, foam spacers and various combinations of these techniques have reduced the problem of heat transfer at the traditionally cold edges of window and patio door glazing.

There are also several other technologies, somewhat experimental, that offer even greater thermal benefits. These include evacuated windows (those with no gas at all between glass layers); so-called “transparent insulation,” which allows light to pass through while preventing heat gain and loss; and windows that can change their performance in response to light and temperature or in response to the flipping of a switch that sends a current through them.

Even more options will be available to builders in the near future. The improved performance will surely give builders who take the time to research and use them a competitive edge.

Curtains make soft statement in hard world

Beaded curtains, in years gone by a feature of almost every home, are making a colorful comeback.

With the attractive effect they give as they move in the breeze and the many different color variations and combinations now available, they add an interesting and decorative touch to all styles of home.

The first creative choice is to decide what visual impact or atmosphere you are trying to achieve in a particular room: 1. peaceful simplicity; 2. comfortable abundance; 3. discreet subtlety; 4. immense luxury; 5. bold drama.

If curtains are not going to be floor-length, they should be below the sill. Anything less looks as if you’ve run out of fabric.

The current fashion for brilliant blue combined with vivid yellow was perfect for bathroom decor.

Sheers, scrims, draperies, panels and other lush fabrics passing themselves off as curtains, are leaping beyond the windows and shower stalls to produce a woven surround. Cotton, velvet, silk and linen swaths are now room dividers, alcove walls, romantic retreats, outdoor nooks and floating doorways.

Decorating with curtains adds drama, conjures settings and provides stimulus to the imagination. They can also muffle unpleasant sounds, add rhythm and movement to space, produce texture and dimension, and skillfully transmute the harshest light. Curtains are soft sculpture playing at being solid architecture.

Rich and opulent, simple and starched — curtains speak volumes, and with so many wonderful fabrics and materials available today, trend-setters are finding all sorts of ways to charm with curtains.

Please visit – the largest manufacturer and supplier of Beaded Décor and LED curtains.

Furniture for Your New Home

When you deal with affordable housing, it is important to complement the architectural features of a home with a variety of color, texture and fabric.

Not much matches in this home because people who are buying their first home generally do not have a series of matched pieces of furniture. The mixture of items introduces character and personality to each room, and gives people confidence that what they currently own will work.

Every chair around the dining table does not have to match. What is important is to surround yourself with furnishings that are comfortable.

Two square natural wicker trunks positioned end-to-end create an extensive textured cocktail table surface within easy reach of every seating piece.

Touches of color are brought in with jewel colored floral accent pillows. They match the seat cushion of a wicker arm chair and artwork displayed on the wall behind one of the sofas.

More natural wicker is used in the adjacent dining area where a haystack-shaped wicker base with country overtones supports a circle of glass. The traditional wood chairs with woven rush seats that circle the dining table are in a different finish than the pine hutch. Yet the eclectic grouping blend nicely.

Simple panels of fabric mounted on stained rods frame the sides of the windows in both areas. They’re good looking and affordable treatments that could easily be duplicated by someone who sews.

Medium blue and white ceramic tile, in a checkerboard pattern, covers the backsplash area in the kitchen – a relatively inexpensive treatment with an updated country look.

A stained country table in the breakfast area is a reproduction. Long rustic twig benches along two sides are topped with navy, gold and deep berry contemporary paisley cushions that match the shirred window valance.

The same paisley is repeated in the adjacent family room, where it is used for four overscale accent pillows on the lofty high-skirted sofa, a seat cushion for a wicker arm chair and a shirred valance.

Upstairs, the queen-size bed in the master suite is lushly dressed to look rich, warm and inviting. Pillow shams and a matching bedskirt in a large-scale jewel tone floral contrast the medium blue, navy and ivory striped bed covering.

A two-drawer natural wicker chest and a three-drawer wicker dresser flank the bed and function as nightstands.

The adjacent sitting area is furnished with a blue denim sofa, with a rustic wood trunk in front of it. A small armoire stores a TV set.

Two remaining secondary bedrooms are designed for younger family members.

A boy’s soccer-theme room has a double bed covered with a navy and white ticking striped channel quilted comforter. It matches an accordian style pull-up fabric window shade. The wicker Parsons style desk is teamed with a director’s chair with navy blue cloth seat and back.

A series of royal blue and yellow tennis balls stenciled at chair-rail height around a girl’s tennis-theme bedroom indicates you don’t have to be an artist to achieve the same look.

It is a treatment that personalizes the room in a simple and inexpensive way. A real tennis racket and a wood Wimbledon plaque displayed on the headboard wall reinforce the sports theme.

The floral bouquet covering on the royal blue skirted daybed, a matching window valance and a scaled-down flip-down desk with a director’s chair introduce feminine touches to the space.

Star-studded wallpaper in the family bath is an informal pattern youngsters of all ages can easily relate to.

When you are dealing with people who are buying affordable housing, it is important to target decorating ideas that give them confidence in buying their home.

Many do not have the confidence to put color and fabrics together unless they see it used. A furnished model can give them confidence that what they see is achievable without spending a great deal of money. It shows that they can use what they have.

By adding a few new pillows and Bench Cushions, a new dust ruffle and simple window treatments, they can give their existing pieces a fresh look in their new home.

Textures and patterns and how you put them together and trim them off is what makes the difference. Staying with basic neutral backgrounds and combining tapestries, brocades and stripes makes for a much more charming and more lived-in home.

Movers and Shakers – House Style

Not all kitchens have to be left behind when you buy a new home.

The austerity and simplicity of the Shaker style first came to the attention of both designers and home-owners with Harrison Ford’s 1985 film Witness, set in the Amish community of Pennsylvania, whose lifestyle has hardly changed since the 18th century. But a number of British designers and furniture manufacturers had already begun to revive traditional methods of craftsmanship to produce simple farmhouse-style items.

The simple aesthetics of Shaker design complemented this perfectly and were incorporated into it, producing furniture that has a strong Shaker influence but is still recognizably English. The pretty, busy details traditionally associated with English country-style kitchen furniture have been replaced with a look that is strong, simple and subtle.

“During the Eighties, the market required rather exuberant and ornate details – fretwork friezes, traditional turnings, fluted columns and pilasters,” says Jeremy Pearce of the Newcastle Furniture Company. “While there is still a demand for that type of furniture, more people are drawn towards our simpler designs.”

The demand for this kitchen furniture, as opposed to units, may be due in part to the changing role of the kitchen. Many people now live in their kitchens and entertain there as well. The traditional morning room is being revived in the Nineties in the form of the relaxed, comfortable family kitchen, where wood and stone have replaced plastic and steel as the predominant materials. Kitchen furniture now often stands alongside, or accommodates, desks, bookcases and televisions, as well as sofas on which guests can relax and chat to their hosts while the food is prepared.

There are now several companies producing dressers, cupboards, tables and freestanding work surfaces with butchers’ blocks on top, vegetable baskets underneath and lockable castors. The wood will either be antique pine or oak which has been limed to enrich and emphasize the grain.

Worktops are made from maple, teak, granite or slate. The dragging, rag-rolling and stippling of traditional farmhouse-style furniture has been rejected in favour of plain, pastel shades such as turquoise, ochre and dark green which complement the wood.

Plain English, a cupboard-making firm based in Suffolk, came about in 1992 when Katie Fontana and Tony Niblock began to search East Anglia for kitchen furniture which would look right in the Suffolk Long House they had built for themselves. They wanted cupboards with painted facades and solid wooden worktops containing proper dovetailed drawers that ran on wooden drawer slips, not what they describe as “boxes with screw-on fronts on modern runners”. They soon discovered that they were not alone in their quest, and Plain English was created.

They now produce a wide range of cupboards with glazed, screened or slotted doors, as well as a variety of freestanding furniture such as dressers, larders, farmhouse tables and country chairs. Again, colours are naturalistic, pastoral shades, but strong because of their simplicity. Interiors are often painted in contrasting colours which add variety and depth. Knobs come either in chrome, flame-blackened tourmaline or brass which is cast from worn Jacobean originals. Doors are hung on traditional brass hinges and fastened with a brass catch. Drawers slide on runners lubricated with bees’ wax.

Sinks in this English Shaker style are substantial and functional. Newcastle Furniture offers a traditional deep white butler’s sink and unit with chrome taps while Plain English has a double French farmhouse sink with nickel taps.

As this is kitchen furniture, rather than a complete kitchen installation, appliances such as cookers, fridges and freezers sometimes have to be bought separately. But the simplicity of the designs means that most items – be they heavyweight, professional looking stoves or modern white dish-washers – fit in well. Newcastle Furniture does, however, produce a fridge and freezer cabinet with two high-level cupboards above and a cooker cabinet with granite worktop and splashback.

Reston Realtors show homes on the Internet

Today, you can search virtually houses for sale in Reston over the Internet for free. On your home computer you can get a lot more information than you ever could before.

Now, the real estate industry views the Internet as simply another way to advertise properties and reach potential buyers. The real estate industry is changing right now. Consumers can do a lot of their own legwork before they hire the professional to assist them in that process.

Most of the Internet sites allow users to search for properties by city, price range and basic features, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Some allow you to search for homes on a certain street, allowing you to focus on a specific neighborhood. Many include photos of the property, and a few are starting to offer video walk-through tours that you can view. Some offer access to maps that show the location of the property, and calculators that will estimate your monthly mortgage payment.

Potential buyers from all over the world can browse through details of Reston homes for sale. The site also includes a personal finance link with a mortgage calculator and local bank interest rates.