Outdoor Decorative Lighting

Outdoor lighting has become a favorite project for American consumers. As more and more homeowners have become concerned with not only protecting their homes, but also with the appearance their homes project, they’ve increasingly turned to a variety of outdoor lighting products. But while security lights and motion detectors have been, and continue to be, big sellers for retailers, outdoor decorative lighting – for driveways, decks, gardens and other areas – is also beginning to make a name for itself in many hardlines outlets.

People are staying home more and they want their houses to look nice. Today’s lights are easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and are available in a variety of fixtures to light many types of outdoor locations. There are lights and fixtures for driveways, sidewalks, patios, gardens, pools, garages, doors, lawns and decks, just to name a few. And retailers say customer demand for these products is growing rapidly.

Among the different types of outdoor decorative lighting are accent lighting, uplighting, downlighting, grazing, shadowing, path lighting, cross lighting and others. There are fixtures available for the far-reaching needs, and price limits, of all your consumers, both residential and commercial.

With such a variety and selection of lights available, take advantage of this trend by providing the consumer with everything he or she needs to illuminate the exterior of their home. This does not mean simply displaying a wide selection of outdoor lights. It means providing the accessories, training and advice needed to install these lights as well.